Last summer at hálo Hanko seaside store was everything and more. We enjoyed meeting new customers and saying hello to our VICs. Hanko is a unique city on the southern most shores of Finland. It invites a lot of sailboats to it's harbors and families to spend their summers at the ambient Hanko villas.

It was our first summer opening a seasonal summer boutique, and hopefully we will have the opportunity to spend our summers in Hanko for years to come. Our summer was filled with nonchalant ease and vacation buzz.

The selection at the summer boutique was curated in a archipelago-appropriate manner. Flowy dresses that are easy to throw on for a relaxed elegant look. Hálo is a way to indulge in arctic Lapland at the opposite end of our country.

For the upcoming season we plan to open again after midsummer and stay open until schools start again and the season quiets down.

In case you are interested to work with us or know of someone who would be a great fit, we are now looking to hire sales associates for hálo seaside store in Hanko for summer 2024!

Etsimme kesätyöntekijöitä Hanko seaside storeen kesäksi 2024!

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