We are happy to tell you a new hálo concept store will open its doors to Erottajankatu 19 in the beginning of year 2021! The exact date will be released later.
Our first store was honoured to be a part of the center of Finnish fashion, Kämp Garden. The journey from opening hálo store Kämp Garden back in November 2018 to present has been wonderful. The store closed its doors last Tuesday, on 29th of December.
We want to thank Kämp Garden, its amazing community and co-brands, all our customers who ever visited our store and our friends for the support in the past two years that has gone by!
Now it is time to open a new chapter for hálo. We will be sure to keep you posted!
Wishing you all the light and sparkle to the upcoming year - let's make it the best one yet. May all of your dreams come true. 💖
With love,
hálo team